Government Grant Consulting & Administration

YA’s Government Grant Consulting & Administration partners with governments and corporations to protect the communities we love.


Trust is about more than just experience.  It’s about a relationship. We bring more than outstanding expertise to our clients… our team is always on-call, on budget, and on point for every project.  We founded YA’s Government Grant Consulting because there was a need for a higher level of service in delivering resilience.  We are honored by the trust of our clients and take it seriously. Every single member of our team is committed to a superior experience, whether you are planning for disaster prevention or recovering from it. Our team recognizes that results are paramount and why our clients engage us.


Our team is dedicated to an outstanding client experience. We carefully choose each member for their work ethic, integrity, and expertise, which we promise to deliver.

Disaster Recovery Coordination​

Each disaster recovery initiative must adeptly maneuver through the intricate web of federal regulations and logistical challenges. Our expertise is in launching robust recovery programs that thrive under such conditions, crafting strategies, protocols, organizational frameworks, and management methodologies essential for flawless execution. Our disaster recovery solutions are designed to optimize the allocation of federal funds, skillfully bypass obstacles, eliminate undue holdups, and expedite assistance distribution to those in need, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in every step.

Federal Grant Procurement & Administration

Grant funds are increasingly pivotal for various entities, including governmental and commercial sectors, healthcare, education, and nonprofits throughout the United States. The strategic handling of these funds is beneficial and vital for an organization’s triumph. Optimal utilization of your awarded grants amplifies your community impact in the present and future while mitigating risks like fraud and de-obligation that can linger detrimentally for years. YA’s Federal Grants Procurement Services are at the forefront of aiding clients with research and application processes and in administrating, designing, and rolling out grant-funded initiatives aimed at fostering economic growth and constructing resilient communities. Our acute insight into evolving Uniform Guidance alongside federal and state regulations propels our clients forward with unwavering momentum. We empower organizations nationwide to adeptly oversee grant funds, enabling them to continue their essential community services and everyday operations. By leveraging our expansive experience across all phases of the grant lifecycle, we offer comprehensive services tailored to infuse your projects with project management principles, ensuring you achieve your mission with utmost transparency and accountability.

General Grant Administration​

Life-cycle administration of grants and other funding sources.

Hazard Mitigation​

Life-cycle administration of projects that reduce the loss of life and property from natural and man-made hazards.

Project & Program Specialists​

Expertise in disaster programs across the Federal family as well as state-managed programs.

Report Writing & Design​

Technical writing expertise, stakeholder communication, outreach material development, infographics, and more…

Resiliency Planning & Administration​

Floodplain management planning, hazard mitigation planning, repetitive loss area planning, loss avoidance studies.