Visualization & Forensic Animation

Our mission is simple. We will provide high-quality graphics delivered with integrity by experienced and qualified staff. Our core values include client communication, honesty, and reliability while we deliver high-tech reconstructions to serve our clients’ needs.

3D Animation & Graphics

With decades of experience preparing effective courtroom exhibits, the staff at YA is fully prepared to work with our clients to develop exhibits and animations that clearly demonstrate opinions and theories. From high-resolution 3D forensic animations to simple diagrams of the event, we offer a range of services for any budget and will work within your financial constraints.

3D Building Walk-through Visuals

A 3D architectural walkthrough service is a method for visually exploring a building or space before its actual construction. It involves creating a detailed, three-dimensional digital model of the structure or space using specialized software. This model allows people to virtually “walk through” the building as if they were physically there.

Think of it as taking a video game tour through a building that hasn’t been built yet. You can see every corner, room, and detail as if you were walking through it in real life. It helps architects, designers, and clients understand the building’s layout, spatial relationships, and aesthetics even before any construction starts. It’s a powerful tool for planning, design validation, and presenting ideas to stakeholders.

Accident Reconstruction Visuals and Animation

Accident reconstruction is a scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during a collision. Accident reconstruction requires sound investigation techniques combined with engineering principles.

At YA, our highly qualified engineers possess advanced degrees in Engineering and are fully trained to use the most sophisticated accident reconstruction tools. With this expertise, we can meet your accident reconstruction service needs ranging from low-speed, rear-end impacts to advanced, 3-dimensional rollover simulations.

When conducting an accident reconstruction, we review the materials supplied and perform site inspections, vehicle inspections, or other inspections as needed. We then analyze the physical evidence and employ thorough analytical methods to reconstruct the accident. We use animations and other exhibits to explain the results of the accident reconstruction. We use advanced 3D modeling as part of our accident reconstructions, from analyzing vehicle crush patterns to assessing visibility. These 3D models are an integral part of our analysis.

Forensic Video Analysis

The engineers at YA are highly trained in forensic video analysis. With recordings from security, dash, or body-worn cameras, our engineers can extrapolate critical information such as speed, area of impact, and traffic signal timing or color. This often cuts the cost of litigation and helps our clients achieve results faster. Our analysis also includes advanced photogrammetry techniques using 3D scans we gather from site inspections and other evidence from the scene.

As a final validation step in our analysis process, we use the physics-based software PC Crash to confirm our findings. This multi-layered approach ensures each case is accurate and supported by the evidence provided.

Due to the rapidly changing dynamics of forensic video analysis, we invest heavily in sending staff engineers to training seminars nationwide. Several of our staff engineers are LEVA certified.

Medical Visuals

In cases involving severe injuries, you may require detailed medical visuals. Our talented graphics team can model clear and accurate medical illustrations that showcase the extent of the damage and its relation to the accident.

Valuable at any stage of case development, these visuals offer direct insight into how an individual’s body reacts to the specific details of your collision event.

Re-enactment & Visibility Studies

When assessing the causal factors in an accident, our engineers at YA have performed hundreds of visibility studies and re-enactments. A visibility study involves checking viewpoints, sight distance, lighting, and other factors to determine the visibility available to the individuals in the accident. A re-enactment can vary from closing a road, positioning vehicles at pre-determined locations, and checking sight distance to correlating a pedestrian’s injury pattern to the vehicle involved in the accident.

YA engineers have the training and experience to handle large-scale re-enactments and visibility studies. We routinely work with the necessary government agencies and other experts on this type of work and coordinate the project to ensure that our clients’ needs are met.

Trial Exhibits

A physical model is easily understandable to laypersons and individuals unfamiliar with the details of an accident. Because of this, it can be an invaluable tool in demonstrating the factors you wish to present in a courtroom setting.

Whether you require a model of a single vehicle or the entire scene of a complex accident, our graphics team has the expertise to deliver an unparalleled product. YA physical models are produced in various scales to best suit your needs, and our advanced 3D printing techniques deliver fast results while maintaining quality.

Accident scene photographs, evidence, and information gathered from first responders and scene inspections are utilized to ensure our models are built to only the highest levels of detail and accuracy.

Aaron Morse

Senior Project Manager

Aaron Morse is a licensed professional engineer with broad engineering experience in Alaska, including structural design of new structures, damage assessments & repair designs for existing structures, and construction administration.