Surety TPA: Claims Control™ Programs

Surety TPA services by YA are individually tailored to each surety company’s requirements and are referred to as Claims Control® programs. Some surety companies choose to outsource the entire claim handling and investigation function, and they’ve counted on YA’s Claims Control® programs to resolve claims rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively for almost three decades. But today, even those sureties that choose to maintain their own in-house claims departments want to have a custom Claims Control® program in place. Why? Because they want to be proactive when planning for peak claims, high volumes, staffing issues, compliance, and the nuances of unfamiliar claim types. Licensed in all 50 states, YA stands as the only surety claims consultant capable of serving as a genuine surety TPA. Your company’s unique needs and specifications are addressed in advance (without any upfront cost, obligation, or volume commitment) in a Claims Control® program that guides YA surety TPA services.

Surety Third-Party Administrator Services for Contract Surety Claims

Contract surety claims for which a custom Claims Control program can be developed are varied. Of course, YA’s Surety Group can function as your claims department for sureties that wish to outsource the claim handling role entirely. But even for sureties with their own in-house claims departments, YA’s Claims Control programs prepare you for periods of peak claims, stretched capacities, high claim volumes, and claim investigations for which your in-house claim team would benefit from some additional, specialized support. Performance bond claims, payment bond claims, bid bond claims, and maintenance/warranty bond claims can all be handled under a Claims Control surety third-party administrator program for contract surety claims.

Surety Third-Party Administrator Services for Commercial Surety Claims

Commercial surety claims for which a custom Claims Control program can be developed are numerous and include virtually every type of commercial surety bond. Should you choose, YA can serve as your entire outsourced claims department for your commercial surety claims. You can also use Claims Control as a risk mitigation tool should a future need arise, and you already have the right resources to resolve your claims. All without making a capital investment or a commitment. And all without missing a beat.  From State Contractor License Bonds, License & Permit Bonds, and Customs & Excise Bonds to Probate & Other Court Bonds, Fiduciary Bonds, and Transportation Bonds… and from Auto Dealer Bonds, Utility Bonds, and Tax Bonds to Public Official Bonds, Property Broker Bonds and more… all can be handled under a Claims Control surety third-party administrator program for commercial surety claims.

Outsource Your Surety Claims to Take Your Team from Overloaded to Overjoyed

Today, you can confidently outsource your surety claims, either your contract surety claims or your commercial surety claims, or both. That’s because YA’s demonstrated expertise, experience with all claim types, organizational efficiencies, and Claims Management Systems make it possible. Even sureties with their own in-house claims department, YA’s Claims Control programs help prepare their team for any eventuality. Whether struck with a seasonal or otherwise temporary high volume of claims, confronting a staffing challenge, or up against a claim type of unexpected complexity, it pays to have the right resources in place ahead of time. Courtesy of demonstrated excellence in claim investigation and claim administration for contract and commercial surety bond claims, YA is uniquely prepared to help you outsource your surety claims – one, two, or two hundred.

eGuard®, YA's Claims Management System (CMS)

Regarding keeping control of surety bond claims and fidelity bond claims, eGuard®, YA’s Claims Management System (CMS), is virtually unstoppable. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, YA’s CMS provides complete, accurate, and consistent reporting to our surety clients, keeping you informed of the status of all claims, from receipt through successful resolution. eGuard®, our proprietary in-house claims system, records all transactions and claims-handling activities and provides you with password-protected internet access to this information. Of course, flexibility is one of our cornerstones, so YA personnel can handle surety and fidelity claims using either our system or your own.