Seismic Engineering​ & Risk Assessment

The exact nature of the next seismic event is unknown and cannot be predicted. Seismic engineers assess the existing built environment and guide the preparation for the next event using lessons learned from past events. The main goal of seismic engineering is to keep our communities safe. Our expertise lies in education and application to your buildings and properties.

We provide transparent seismic risk assessments that educate our clients on the current state of their structures and any vintage seismic detailing that may be present. We are also available to assist with remediation measures, if needed, such as design or feasibility studies.

We aim to help our clients prepare for not if but when.

Seismic Risk Assessments and Evaluations

YA engineers are well-versed in seismic risk methodology, remediation, and applications to real estate holdings. Our capabilities and experience provide our clients personalized attention, transparent assessments, and well-researched solutions for their structures. Our engineers have performed thousands of seismic evaluations and assessments around the Pacific plate, New Madrid Fault Zone, and internationally in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rico, Guam, and the Caribbean. We consider the local seismic jurisdictional mandate trends and explain how these requirements affect your real estate portfolio and whether any remediation measures may apply.

YA seismic risk services include:

  • Seismic Risk Assessments for financial loss (aka PML or SRA Per ASTM reporting Standards E2026 & E2557) and various lender/insurance/mortgage REITS
  • Seismic Evaluations for HUD Scope
  • Seismic Certificates for Government Leases or Acquisitions (ICSSC-RP8)
  • Seismic Risk Portfolio Inventory and Evaluations of Real Estate Holdings
  • Seismic Secondary Modifier Tabulation for Portfolio Insurance Renewals

Seismic Retrofit

YA seismic engineers provide retrofit designs to work with our clients’ building aesthetics, needs, and performance criteria. We produce feasible and precise solutions that address the performance limitations of vintage seismic detailing. When developing retrofit solutions, our experts consider current retrofit trends, local requirements, and national standards such as ASCE 41-17 Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings.

YA services include:

  • Retrofit feasibility studies for seismic retrofit considering jurisdictional mandates
  • Retrofits of concrete tilt-up or masonry industrial buildings
  • Seismic strengthening of low- and mid-rise structures with targeted scopes
  • Peer reviews of retrofit design projects