Property Damage Assessment

Our team of seasoned Building Consultants provides expert Damage Assessments, Scoping, and Estimating of all types of property damage on a multitude of structures types, resulting from a wide array of fortuitous and non-fortuitous events. Beyond preparing Repair Scopes and Estimates, we have the expertise to provide Invoice Analysis and Auditing, expert CPM Schedule Analysis, Builder’s Risk Services, Appraisal Services, and more.

Cost Estimating

YA’s Building Consulting team includes professional construction estimators, who prepare detailed, independent Repair Estimates based on unbiased Damage Assessment. Our estimators are fluent in all industry-standard estimating platforms, including:

  • CSI
  • Sage/Timberline
  • Xactimate
  • Marshall
  • Swift

Additionally, we have in-house estimating experts providing supplemental cost data on specialty items, including mechanical, electrical, and HVAC work. As project needs dictate, we enhance our industry-standing pricing data with local, current-market construction pricing, to result in a fair estimate that can be taken to the marketplace so the restoration process can begin.

Repair Scope Assessment

An accurate scope of repairs is the foundation for moving forward toward the restoration process. YA provides Repair Scope Summaries based on our expert Damage Assessment in various formats to suit the project needs. Depending on the project requirements, these can be provided without pricing for bid purposes, in detailed lists, diagrams, or in rolled-up summaries by trade or location.

We have also developed proprietary database systems to collate large volumes of scope data into meaningful and useful reports for projects involving thousands of structures.

Code Upgrade Analysis

Existing buildings undergoing repairs for damage are subject to construction requirements different from those of new buildings. The evaluation of code requirements for repairs begins by reviewing state, county, and local laws and ordinances to determine the relevant repair regulations and their applicability to a particular project. Repairs to existing buildings may require analysis of numerous systems, including accessibility, fire protection, egress, energy, structural integrity, seismic resistance, weather protection, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.

When building code upgrades are a requirement when repairing damaged structures, they could be minor or cause costs to skyrocket. YA building consultants assess code upgrade requirements for making repairs and track those costs separately from like kind and quality repairs. If detailed analyses are needed, our engineers and architects have extensive experience in navigating the repair requirements of various building codes in jurisdictions throughout the country. Correctly assessing the code-required upgrades that apply to a repair project allows us to develop an accurate repair scope for construction or cost-estimating purposes.

Project Clerking

During either the restoration or reconstruction phases, YA provides onsite monitoring services to document labor, equipment, and workforce utilization, validate progress, and report any inefficiencies or obstacles. This service helps promote the efficient and expeditious completion of the construction phases.

By providing onsite monitoring, YA documents all activities and makes recommendations to help promote job site operation efficiency and monitor costs. When appropriate, we confirm the equipment and labor cost reductions and provide a detailed and independent audit of other critical onsite activities. These services help facilitate contractor invoice approvals as the project progresses.

Invoice Auditing

YA’s understanding of the remediation and reconstruction processes and our expertise in analyzing labor quantities, materials, and equipment make us uniquely suited to provide comprehensive audits of repair project invoices. We audit invoices to ensure reasonableness, considering the scope of work performed.

Schedule Analysis

YA construction experts have years of hands-on experience developing and managing construction CPM schedules on projects ranging from limited repairs to billion-dollar new construction. This experience allows our scheduling experts to analyze proposed construction schedules for reconstruction projects, builder’s risk, delay, and surety claims. Our forensic scheduling experts use the latest in scheduling software to develop detailed critical path evaluations, considering the effects of unforeseen changes in scope due to design changes, natural disasters, fortuitous and non-fortuitous damage, and other delays.