Delay & Forensic Scheduling​ Services

YA’s team of Scheduling Experts brings extensive knowledge and expertise in construction, engineering, and scheduling, enabling them to comprehend complex assignments quickly. Our experts have years of experience and in-depth knowledge to identify and analyze delays from an insured incident to an ongoing construction project. This proficiency extends to establishing reasonable restoration periods for operational facilities impacted by catastrophes.

As part of our Delay and Scheduling Services, we perform schedule analyses tailored for various evaluations. This includes Builder’s Risk Delay in Start-Up (DSU) and Business Interruption (BI) claims, expediting expenses, and ongoing monitoring of project schedules to ensure timely project completion. Our team is well-versed and ready to provide expert witness testimony and litigation support.

YA Scheduling Experts are highly skilled in industry-accepted recommended practices for conducting schedule analyses, precisely identifying incidents’ impacts on operational facilities and ongoing construction projects. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of project scheduling, our team can quickly understand project intricacies and forecasts. This enables us to respond promptly and accurately to our clients’ scheduling consulting needs.

Business Interruption (BI) Claims

With hundreds of millions of dollars in settled claims surrounding Business Interruption, YA Scheduling Experts stand at the forefront of the industry when quantifying restoration periods for facilities impacted by significant incidents. Our team leverages their extensive knowledge in construction, engineering, and scheduling to accurately and reasonably forecast timelines for rebuild efforts and establish as-was where-was periods of restoration.

Project Expediting

Evaluating expediting expenses and their direct impact on project completion time savings. Our experienced professionals bring a keen understanding of how these expenses influence the overall project timeline.

Project Monitoring

Establishing schedule control early and consistently proves pivotal in ensuring the timely completion of construction and overall project success. YA’s team, recognized as experts in the field, excels at proactively identifying potential delays before they happen and expediting processes to optimize project time savings.

Our project monitoring is characterized by effective and concise communication, reaching all stakeholders. This ensures clear insights into areas where time can be saved and potential impacts on the project’s critical path, offering proactive measures to mitigate delays before they materialize.

Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

YA experts draw upon their extensive experience managing Delays in Start-Up and Business Interruption claims to deliver the highest level of litigation support tailored to our clients’ needs. Our suite of services encompasses expert testimony, where our team provides insights and opinions on delays to completion and the as-was where-was period of restoration.