Codey Henderson


Senior Regional Consultant


Codey completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of South Alabama, where he studied chemistry with a minor in physics. While completing his studies, Codey worked primarily under Dr. Alexandra Stenson to separate complex organic mixtures and characterize the components. This work served as the foundation for his interest in scientific instrumentation and technology.

Following undergraduate studies, Codey attended Penn State University and studied chemistry under Dr. Paul Cremer. His work focused primarily on surface and membrane interactions, utilizing multiple instruments and developing innovative methods to study physical interactions and parameters in biomimetic systems.

Codey’s studies provided him with a plethora of exposure and experience with various technology and helped cement his love for scientific, analytical, and research instrumentation.

Since completing his doctorate, Codey has worked as a mitigation and equipment consultant, evaluating mitigation and equipment following floods, hurricanes, fires, lightning/power surge and other damages. As a mitigation consultant, he worked to evaluate the mitigation process based on agreements and observed conditions as well as establishing the scope of work based on the loss related damages. As an equipment consultant, Codey has evaluated many types of equipment and instrumentation, including laboratory, healthcare, HVAC, dental, fire suppression, IT, athletics, and electrical systems. This experience coupled with his natural interest and curiosity for electromechanical devices and equipment continue to drive his personal development.


  • PhD | Doctor of Philosphy

Representative Consulting Assignments

  • Technical College | Hurricane | Inspect and evaluate the telecommunication and data equipment, the teaching equipment, and the training/teaching equipment, including welders, machine shop equipment, HVAC training units, chemical laboratory equipment, photography equipment, culinary, and nursing equipment | $3.5M
  • University | Hurricane | Inspect and evaluate the data and electronic equipment throughout the facilities, including the data centers, point-of-sale equipment, and general teaching electronics; the teaching and research equipment in the Chemistry, Biology, and Physics facilities | $5M
  • University Performing Arts/Production | Enviro - Water/Flood | Inspect and evaluate the production equipment, including cameras and recording devices, projectors, and other facility equipment | $300K
  • Dental Office | Enviro - Water/Flood | Inspect and evaluate the dental chairs, tools, X-Ray, cabinetry, and laboratory equipment | $300K
  • University Environmental Research Facility | Fire/Smoke | Inspect and evaluate the research equipment, including GCMS, HPLC/MS, Spectrometers, Titrators, Fume Hoods, NMR, Microscopes, Balances, Incubators, Ovens, Freezers/Coolers, Centrifuges, and all other instrumentation and equipment as well as the facility’s Data Center | $5M
  • Chiropractic Office | Fire/Smoke | Inspect and evaluate the facility’s tables for damages and evaluate restoration protocol | $200K
  • Hospital | Enviro - Water/Flood | Evaluated blood analysis laboratory equipment for water exposure as well as heat-related issues following the shut down of the facility’s HVAC system | $200K

Professional Experience

  • 2021 - 2021 | Senior Consultant | Garnet Solutions Group
  • 2021 - Current | Senior Regional Consultant | YOUNG & Associates
  • 2019 - 2021 | Consultant | Loss Management Solutions


  • University of South Alabama - Bachelor of Science - Chemistry - Mobile - Alabama