Charles Green Jr.


Fire Consultant


Charles is as Fire Consultant at YOUNG and Associates responsible for origin and cause investigations related to fires and explosions. He retired from the Frederick County Maryland Division of Fire and Rescue in 2022 with over 35 years of Fire Department experience. Charles has extensive training and experience in forensic fire scene investigation and reconstruction. He is currently a NAFI Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, Vehicle Fire Investigator, Fire Investigation Instructor and received Post Blast training from the Bureau of Alcohol Tabaco and Firearms. Additionally, he holds IFSAC Certification as a Fire Investigator, Fire Inspector III and Plans Examiner II. He has served on multiple Task Force Investigations with local, state and federal agencies and is a recognized expert as a fire origin and cause investigator. Charles received training from the National Fire Academy and University of Maryland Fire Rescue Institute, and various other organizations.


  • CFEI | Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator
  • CVFI | Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
  • National Fire Academy’s Interview/Interrogation and Courtroom Testimony
  • PATC Certified Fire Pattern Recognition and Identification
  • NAFI Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
  • MFRI-IFSAC Certified Fire Officer III
  • National Fire Academy’s Fire Dynamics and Modeling Course
  • NAFI-National Association of Fire Investigators
  • National Fire Academy’s Aspects of Electrical Fire Investigations
  • US Department of Justice- ATF Post Blast Investigations
  • MFRI-IFSAC Certified Plans Examiner II
  • National Fire Academy’s Forensics Evidence Course

Professional Experience

  • 2022 - Current | Fire Consultant | YOUNG & Associates
  • 1998 - Current | Firefighter/EMT/Fire Marshal (Inspector/Investigator) | Frederick County Maryland Division of Fire Rescue Services
  • 1988 - 1998 | Operations Department | Frederick County Public Schools
  • 1985 - 1987 | Technical Draftsman | Applied Electro Mechanics